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The creation and development of Statista illustrates our concept of Digital Business Building: to develop and implement innovative, sustainable, scalable, and intuitive business models on the basis of digital possibilities and ultimately lead them to success. In addition to strategy development and digital transformation, digital business building represents a key focus of our client services.


To support our strategic planning, we constantly analyse the development of various market and customer segments, and we carry out our own consumer surveys. This allows us to quantify target groups of buyers and their willingness to pay at any time, and to identify current trends quickly.

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From startup to world market leader

In 2007, we founded Statista from LSP Digital. Today, Statista is the world's leading online statistics portal, employing over 500 people in Hamburg, New York, and London. The management boards of Statista and LSP Digital are still linked, and both companies are developing in close partnership. Our joint office location in Hamburg also helps to achieve this purpose.


Filip Katschker

Junior Consultant

Dr. Thilo Löwe

Managing Director

Tim Kröger


Natalina Münch


Marie Hildebrand


Kathinka Arlit


Madlen Jesswein

Office Manager

Manuela Döffinger

Presentation Designer

Marie Hildebrand