visibility of Online Shops

visibility of Online Shops

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Social media remains a focal point for online shops in the B2C area, for many from an economic perspective, for others as a brand building channel. The strongest and most interdisciplinary social media platform is still Facebook. Their referral traffic helps shops in the furniture business achieve higher visibility.


  • Author: Natalina Münch
  • Appeared: 31.05.2017
  • Category: Digital Media

When observing average unique users per month from the first quarter of 2017 and Facebook fans of respective online interior shops focusing on home and living accessories, it becomes clear that this ratio is noticeable especially in the case of smaller online shops. These have almost 600 percent more Facebook fans than unique users on their websites. Hence, fans show enormous levels of brand engagement and trust in these shops.  These fans identify with the shop and its offer, and most of them are counted as loyal customers.

Although not every fan from social media is automatically an online shop customer, this highlighted ratio from the strategic consulting company LSP Digital shows a trend: especially small online shops can achieve goals with social media which would not be possible with the low number of unique website users. The relationship with the brand is strengthened through a social media presence, which has a positive influence on the recommendation and repurchase rate.

Even if specifically bigger shops usually have better premises (such as monetary ones) to convert larger numbers of website users, only roughly half of them achieve stronger social engagement from their customers on Facebook.

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