Self driving cars

Self driving cars

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Self driving cars are already here. For example, Google’s autonomous cars have driven over three million kilometers on public roads so far. The cars of the tech-giant belong to SAE class 3.

SAE (an international association of automotive engineers) classifies automated driving in five classes. Class 1 and 2 are assistance systems, where the human driver has to be able to immediately react to the traffic situation at all times. From class three onwards, the car monitors the traffic situation autonomously. From class 4, the driver is not required to intervene even in emergency situations.


  • Author: Florian Hollender
  • Appeared: 24.10.2016
  • Category: Connected Cars


Tesla might be the best known brand in terms of autonomous driving. The company advertises that its cars have already done over 200 million kilometers on public roads. The Tesla fleet, however, ist part of SAE class 2. Despite the cars only being partly autonomous, a first death occured end of June. A 62 year old died in his Tesla S, with “Autopilot” engaged.

This accident has re-ignited the debate around the safety and safety requirements of self driving cars. A study of RAND Corporation shows that some time will pass, until valid proof exists. According to the study, autonomous cars need to drive at least 443 million kilometers to statistically prove that they do not cause more fatal accidents then human drivers do.

Yet car manufacturers and tech companies – Tesla at the forefront – are not hindered by these concerns in pushing towards production of self driving cars of class 3 and above. Experts expect widespread and worldwide ability in the mass market by 2020 at the latest.24

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