How schools benefit from digitization

How schools benefit from digitization


EdTech is a collective term for learning with digital media. This includes, for example, supporting education through platforms, learning management systems or blended learning approaches.


  • Author: Thilo Löwe
  • Appeared: 30.03.2016
  • Category: EdTech

In Germany this approach is still in its infancy, but in Norway schools are significantly further along, according to research conducted by LSP digital. The country’s educational system counts as exemplary. Compared to Germany the correlation between parental income and that (income) of their children is considerably lower. Norway is also more advanced regarding EdTech. There are numerous established providers on the market, such as Conexus, itslearning or Kikora. And educational institutions use this: all schools in the country participate in online surveys on lesson quality, well-being and learning motivation. 86 percent use big data tools to optimize organizational aspects and education.

The chart pictures information about EdTech in Norway.

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