Development of the cannabis market in the USA

Development of the cannabis market in the USA


In Germany unthinkable, in the USA already a reality: half of US states have legalized cannabis use for medical purposes. In four other states and the capital, Washington, cannabis consumption is completely legal, without any restrictions.


  • Author: Stefan Worthmann
  • Appeared: 08.06.2016
  • Category: MedTech

The number of consumers is currently valued at eight million. According to data from strategic consulting company LSP Digital, last year revenue from sales of cannabis plants and products in the land of unlimited opportunities amounted to 4.4 billion U.S. dollars. Market volume is projected to grow to 100 billion U.S. dollars until 2029. Half of that would apply to cannabis-based medical products, the other marijuana or concentrates such as hashish or oil. This gigantic market potential has long since been attracting investors. In 2015 alone 215.2 million U.S. dollars were pumped in cannabis companies not listed on the stock exchange. In the coming years mobile apps, e-commerce and digital media will also additionally drive market growth. The green gold rush is only just beginning.

The chart shows key figures on the development of the cannabis market in the USA.

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