Deutsche Bahn vs. airlines

Deutsche Bahn vs. airlines

Digital Media

Time is money. Thus a myriad of travelers prefers the airplane, not the train. However, looking at the customer service via facebook German rail service provider Deutsche Bahn outperforms the Top5 largest German airlines.


  • Appeared: 01.02.2016
  • Category: Digital Media

Deutsche Bahn’s average response time to user posts on their facebook page is 12 min. Lufthansa as best German airline in this category already needs 24 minutes and Air Berlin the lowlight in this category takes more than three hours to response. Deutsche Bahn is not only quick: they also answer 85% of all user posts. The airlines are less communicative. Lufthansa answers just half of the posts they receive and best in class airline Condor still only two quarters.

With Deutsche Bahn this comparison of transport has a clear winner.

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