Comparision of the Top 10 world wide and German YouTube channels

Comparision of the Top 10 world wide and German YouTube channels

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The significance of a YouTube channel is decided first and foremost by the number of its subscribers and views.


  • Author: Erik Peper
  • Appeared: 09.07.2015
  • Category: Digital Media

Recent figures were analyzed for June 2015. In first place is MashaMedvedTV with 637 million views. The biggest channel of video hosting service Vevo, TaylorSwiftVevo, had 380 million views.  Buzzfeed is in fourth place with 328 million views and the WWE came in seventh place with almost 300 million views. The most viewed YouTube personality is Pewdiepie from Sweden, with 301 million views. German YouTube channels show more modest numbers in comparison. The Voice Kids came in first with 48 million views. The most popular YouTubers are Dner, Gronkh and Bibi, with 26 to 29 million views each. Other Y-celebrities such as Lefloid or Ytitty didn’t even make it in the top 20.

The chart shows the YouTube channels with the most views in the last 30 days.

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