120 German blockchain startups

120 German blockchain startups

Virtual Currencies

Berlin is the major hub for the 120 German blockchain startups

Blockchain and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) currently determine the headlines of tech blogs and the business press. The remarkable increase in importance can also be proven in numbers. The global financing volume of USD 6.3 billion from ICOs in the first quarter of 2018 already exceeds the volume of the entire year 2017 (USD 5.3 billion).


  • Author: Tobias Bohnhoff
  • Appeared: 16.04.2018
  • Category: Virtual Currencies

LSP Digital has analysed the German blockchain market in detail and comes to the conclusion that there are 120 companies active in Germany that have focused their business model on the subject of blockchain. Interestingly, only the underlying technology is decentralized, more than half of the start-ups are seeking the concentration of partners, investors and talent in the Berlin. 45% of the companies were able to secure financing through ICO

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