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Our company has known digitalisation from the outset

At LSP Digital we combine decades of experience and the far-reaching expertise of big strategic consultancies to tackle one of the most important challenges of our time: developing new business models that succeed in the complex digital reality.

To this end we offer many years of industry experience coupled with uncompromising analytics and real skills at putting things into practice. In our Business Building projects we develop and implement ground-breaking business models that open up the opportunities of digitalisation to our clients and generate lasting value. In transformation projects we assess traditional business processes and adapt them to the competitive conditions of digital markets.

Our clients are big businesses in the TIME sector as well as retailers, service providers, industrial companies and investors.

Our sister company , which we have been responsible for developing into the world’s leading statistics portal, was founded with the same high quality standards and entrepreneurial approach. On our projects, we are regularly joined by the analysts of their dedicated “Research & Analysis” department.

Just so you know: we operated successfully in the market under the name Löwe Schwandt und Partner from 2004 onwards, and renamed ourselves LSP Digital in 2013.

Products and services

Creating lasting value – that’s been our mission for more than ten years. LSP Digital offers customised strategic consulting along the entire value-added chain. As well as varied project experience, we have garnered specific expertise in every aspect of digitalisation as well as operative skills from numerous successful implementation projects. That is why we have such a wide range of experience in those industries that were challenged early on by the digital revolution, especially telecommunications, media, publishing and retail.

Our own research department supplies the foundations for our strategic work. We also cooperate closely with Statista, the statistics and market analysis company founded by LSP Digital where more than a hundred staff continuously analyse international market developments and assist our projects with dedicated market research where required. That allows us to deliver strategies characterised by a high level of detailed knowledge of the market environment and a deep understanding of the end-customer.

After strategy comes implementation – and that’s something we also provide. Our operative experience has taught us that you can’t achieve lasting value without the pragmatic implementation of strategically derived activities. Examples from our project portfolio include the establishment of new digital distribution platforms for TV, video, music, editorial content and physical goods. We have also established new services in mobile telephony such as MVNO rates, content apps, VoIP, mobile security solutions, software and service products for the B2B area; and we’ve set up various joint ventures and strategic partnerships in order to open up new market segments.


Ever since we were founded we’ve worked consistently for large European telecommunications companies, developing answers to the digital age challenges they face. This has included continuously adapting their organisations, processes and products to changes in market environment and opening up new market segments using pioneering products and business models.

Selected projects for telecommunications companies
  • Innovation strategy and portfolio management, IP Services
  • Product and platform strategy for IPTV
  • Implementation management / project management for IPTV
  • Marketing strategy and concept for Triple Play
  • Development and interim management of eCommerce products
  • Set up MVNO / Branded Reseller processes
  • Pricing strategy for Prepaid
  • B2B strategy for IaaS / SaaS and Security products
  • Online services strategy including relaunching of customer portal
  • Expand online sales including relaunching portals
  • Introduce traffic management
  • Introduce product break-even analysis and monitoring
  • Trans-European market and forecast model for all IP services segments
  • M&A strategy including market screening and identifying targets
  • Group-wide control processes for product development
  • Carve out non-strategic aspects of group business
  • Lean organisation

Media & Publishing

We help big European media companies to benefit from fundamental changes in the industry. To help us advise them in the best way at all times we continuously analyse the market, its developments, new technologies, changing user interests and new business models. We also assist our media customers in developing and implementing new business models and by optimising their processes to give them an edge in digital competition.

Selected projects for media and publishing companies
  • Developing and implementing new print formats
  • Optimising editorial and production processes for publishers
  • Multichannel concept for subscription marketing and sales
  • Customer lifecycle concept and loyalty schemes for subscription marketing and sales
  • Concept, launch and marketing concept for websites with journalistic content
  • Concept and implementation for mobile portals and apps
  • Launching paid content services
  • Concept and implementation of linear TV and catch-up TV apps
  • Concept and launch of eCommerce offerings under media brands
  • Implementation of MVNOs under media brands
  • Development, implementation and interim management of digital music distribution
  • Business concept and launch of on-demand media (B2C and B2B)
  • Opening up new sources of income for TV broadcasters
  • Multichannel network strategy for TV broadcasters
  • Social media strategy for TV broadcasters
  • Portfolio analysis and streamlining for own products and investments
  • Identification and due diligence for M&A targets
  • M&A management and post-merger integration
  • Optimising rights management


We assist established trading companies, multichannel providers and start-ups in making full use of the opportunities of digitalisation. To do this we develop eCommerce strategies and shop concepts, analyse technical infrastructures, set up efficient structures and processes and establish partnerships along the value-added chain.

Selected projects for retail companies
  • Launch and interim management of eCommerce solutions for telecommunications, energy and media groups
  • Build up / relaunch webshops for bricks-and-mortar retailers
  • Optimise / relaunch loyalty schemes
  • erce social media strategy
  • Introduce multichannel management
  • Design and manage traffic generation, introduce traffic management
  • Evaluate and extend product ranges
  • Outsourcing and partner management
  • Overall project management in the implementation phase

Other industries

We help companies in many different industries benefit from our comprehensive digital expertise. New business opportunities, transforming existing approaches, partnership options and investment opportunities – we employ in-depth analysis and our many years of digital experience to help you achieve lasting success.

Selected projects for other industries
  • Selected projects for other industries
  • eHealth: concept evaluation and market entry strategy, M&A screening, market assessment
  • M2M (machine-to-machine): marketing modelling and forecasting, business model development, partnering and market entry strategy
  • ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) / Wearables: market analysis, business model evaluation and design
  • Big Data: market segmenting and forecasting the development of major areas of use, evaluating alternative business models
  • IT Security: market entry strategy and sales concept for security software (B2B)
  • Cloud: concept and development of B2C services
  • Payment: optimising online processes for micropayment
  • SmartTV: business model development and partnering
  • Social media: introducing new products and business models
  • Energy suppliers: introducing eCommerce and customer loyalty tools
  • Financial services: online sales strategy, implementing sales partnerships with retailers


To support our strategic planning, we constantly analyse the development of various market and customer segments, and we carry out our own consumer surveys. This allows us to quantify target groups of buyers and their willingness to pay at any time, and to identify current trends quickly. Here you can find some highlights from these analyses.


At LSP Digital we know that our company only succeeds on account of the people who work here. That is why we’re always looking for people who want to enrich us with their personalities and skills.


Statista was founded by LSP Digital consultants. From winning „startup of the year“ in 2008, Statista has now become the leading portal for statistics in the world. Statista has about 450 employees at the main offices Hamburg, New York and London. We rely on the expertise of Statista on many projects and work together for our clients.

From Statista, we utilize:

  • Proprietary forecasts for 500 industries in 50 countries
  • The dedicated Research & Analysis unit, for special research requests and project-based market analyses
  • Over 10.000 studies, 85.000 topics and 18.000 sources

To cater to the industry-specific needs of our clients even better, we split the consulting firm Löwe Schwandt und Partner into LSP Digital and STRATFIELDS in 2013. As a strategy consulting firm with entrepreneurial thinking, STRATFIELDS supports banks and other financial services firm in reaching or holding an outstanding position in their relevant markets.

The online shop of pinkmilk was launched by LSP Managing Director Hubert Jacob and the project manager Danielle Wefel in 2011. By now a committed team in Hamburg and Osnabrück provides a fast growing client base with a product range from top brands and designers. With pinkmilk LSP Digital has direct access to extensive practical expertise in e-commerce and also a testbed for new approaches and tools in e-commerce.



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